Basement Remodeling

We offer quality services in basement renovation and turn that dark and ignored part of your home into a modern and bright living space that you can take pride in. Our team of skilled craftsmen put forth all their strategies to utilize maximum space and tailor it to meet your needs.



Services we provide

An unfinished basement might just be the dream of every renovating company. We boast of vast experience in helping homeowners remodel their basements and bring to life their dream designs. Our EuroPlus Renovation contractors are well prepared to manage any basement requirements that you may have! Contact us to get the execution started!

Space planning and storage
areas in finished basements

European-style homes do not occupy a lot of space so it is crucial to have the best space planning as well as storage areas for your basements to make the most of them. We help in designing just that all the while preserving your sense of style!

Installation of new

When you choose the flooring for your basements, make sure that it is water-proof, durable, and energy-efficient. Be flexible with your options and use versatile materials to add warmth to it. Our basement floor installation services are proven to stand the test of time and keep you worry-free!

Repair and finishing
of the drywall

Have you abandoned your basement because of the messy drywalls and wood paneling that will be too expensive and time taking to replace? Let go of any concerns as our team of knowledgeable and trained craftsmen make renew your place with half the hassle! We offer affordable services to provide cozy, comfortable, and healthier basement environments.

Installation of new
lighting fixtures

Why it is usually that most of the spooky stuff in horror movies happens in the basement? It is because these places are usually dark and gloomy and are left abandoned. At EuroPlus Renovation we do not underestimate the potential that these places have to offer. Allow us to renew your basements with the best- in-the-market lighting systems installed with great expertise and care so you can make the most of your place.

of new furniture

Are you searching for the best furniture assembly professionals? Do you only trust the best when it comes to matters of your home? Well, your problem has been solved as we take pride in having dealt with numerous furniture assembling experiences and all with satisfied customers.

of TVs

When it comes to watching television
in a room that has a central location in your
home, you are bound to be disrupted every now
and then, ease your problem by having
a home theater installed in your basement.
If you love watching your movies in peace
or are a sports enthusiast and love
cheering on your team, you must have
a look at our top-tier services.

Inspirations for your basement remodeling

Allow us to take you on a basement journey that is bound to realize your dreams! Basement renovations are always fun to do as there is more room to play with your designs and make use of that previously unused part of the home!

Custom indoor saunas

We have onboard just the right architects that you’ll need for building the perfect Sauna into your basement. What better way to make use of all that space below the ground floor than to have a place for soothing your muscles and just relaxing. Choose your favorite wooden panels and let us do the rest of the magic!

Media and family room

Make use of all that extra space in your basement to
arrange family or friends gatherings and add to your comfort
and entertainment by having a media room. Basements
serve to be the best place for home theater as the low
lighting and cozy environment provide you with just what
you wish for while binge-watching your favorite seasons.
Our team uses high-quality video and audio technology
to make your entertainment experience more enjoyable!
And if you wish to plan indoor family games during the
holidays, add to the fun by having your own billiard board
or a foosball table. Allow us to help you pick your favorite
entertainment options and have them installed in your
basement at the best prices!

Exercise area

Have you been procrastinating yet again? Are you not going to the gym because it’s too far from where you live? Or do you just wish to have your own space while you workout? We help install the best flooring system to turn your basement into an exercise area so you are more comfortable with putting out your equipment such as a treadmill, weights, or any other thing. You can also have a TV and audio system installed in your exercise area to enjoy while you burn your calories.

Granny suite or apartment

If you’re searching for a way to turn your basement into a granny suite, look no more because we are well-experienced to cater to your needs! Our team has all the expertise to help you choose the state of the art electrical appliances and plumbing services that you’ll need to renovate your basement. We can also help you build a separate entrance if you wish to make rental use of the place or add value to your home.

Laundry suite

Basements have just the right amount of space for you to have a do-it-all laundry suite. Our technicians will be more than happy to help you design the laundry you would love to work in. From built-in-wall washing machines to drying racks, and from ironing to sewing space, you can enjoy it all in a neat and clean laundry in the basement. Contact us to get started!

Wine storage room

Are you trying to make your basement unique and cool? Do you wish to have a wine cellar installed in your basement? Worry no more as we have plenty of ideas that you can choose from. The easiest way of doing so is to keep a wine fridge but since you wish to have a unique element added, you can enjoy your cool wines from the safe haven we help install!

Office space

Are you always in search of a quiet place to get your work done? Are you the kind of person who likes to have everything spread in front of you when starting working on a project? Well then don’t worry at all as we provide you with just the right space. The basement of your house, with just the right modifications and renovation from our talented team, is what you need!

Custom bathroom

While you think of all the different kinds of repair and replacement that your basement might need, don’t forget to plan a custom bathroom. Whether it be for the times when you are enjoying a family or friends gathering or just for when you’re relaxing by yourself, a bathroom in the basement is bound to add value to your home.

Completed Projects

We have a huge list of satisfied customers that have made use of our expertise and magic to beautify their homes. We stand behind every single one of our projects and guarantee that our service will be up to the mark.


What People
say about us!

EuroPlus Renovations were suggested to me by my friend who was working with them previously! I needed basement remodeling done before my parents come to visit me from abroad! The job went very well as planned! Together with Igor, we have discussed the estimate and the price was very reasonable. They have installed wood framing around the basement, build a big master bedroom for my parents, a playing room for my kids and installed a pre cut sauna. It looks great and almost every weekend we spend time here with my friends! My parents were just shocked by what Igor and his team done for us! I would definitely consider using EuroPlus in any future projects in my house and recommend it to all my friends and family.

Nichole Parker

Originally reviewed at Angie's List

Frequently asked questions
about basement remodeling


As with any large project, the time it takes to completely finish a basement will vary based upon the size and scope of the project. On average, however, a basement finish takes 3-4 weeks from start-to-finish.

Yes. A basement renovation not only opens up space and provides you with an extra room, but it also adds significant value to your home. After all, what home buyer doesn’t want a house with a finished basement?
According to Remodeling Magazine, the average American homeowner recouped 70% of the cost of their basement remodel upon selling their home. In comparison to other renovations, such as patio additions, this is a very high return (although patios are a great thing to have, too!)

We guarantee our quote to be the finished price of the job. Only if you request additional work during the project will the price change.

Yes they are! Our basement wall products are made from an eco-friendly material!

EuroPlus Renovations provides a 1-year warranty on all basement and remodeling projects.