Bathroom Remodeling

European-style bathrooms are a beautiful mix of styles as they combine different elements from various design options and are ever-living. At EuroPlus Renovation, we ensure high standard maintenance and promise unique renovations for our customers.


Why choose European
style bathroom

European style bathrooms have a more comfortable and cozy vibe than most bathrooms of the world. They have a fresh and beautiful look to them and in addition to this, European style bathrooms have been proven over the test of time to be more energy efficient.


Services we provide

We provide top-notch services ensuring the pleasure and satisfaction of our customers. We are a team of highly professional and trained-by-the-best individuals fully licensed to provide you with the service of your lifetime!

Custom furnishings/

Allow us to take you on a journey starting with your dream renovation and ending with us having yet another satisfied and happy client and you being the house owner you can take pride in. Contact us for perfect customized fixtures and furnishings along with guidance regarding what is trendy and durable for your old bathroom in the now.

Tiling and backsplashes
in a range of materials

When it comes to bathroom designing or renovation, homeowners are often more excited about the choice of tiles and marbles in comparison to anything else. Whether you want to opt for the more traditional white-tiled and marbled-countertop bathrooms or the bold and patterned-tile shower, we are there to make you help your place look modern, sleek, and with a touch of yourself. At EuroPlus Renovation, we have plenty of designs for your reference!

Guest baths/
powder rooms

Although bathrooms require lesser space in comparison to the rest of the rooms in the house, data shows that they play a vital role in the design power of your home. When it comes to guest bathrooms, you might want to design something that does not look extravagant and at the same time makes the stay of your guest more comfortable. At EuroPlus Renovation, we offer many samples for you to choose from that can be just perfect for adding warmth into your homes.

Master baths and suites

Master baths and suites mean a bedroom and bath that is situated at the prime location of the house and is generally larger than the rest of them. EuroPlus Renovation can help you add personal touches to your master bath and give it a more refreshing and cozy vibe. It would be a pleasure for our team to help you remodel your master bathroom just as you like!

Custom cabinetry

At EuroPlus Renovation, we completely understand your wish to add your own touch to everything that you have remodeled. Our team works in cooperation with homeowners so they can help in the design process at each step and have the cabinetry they were looking for. From natural wood cabinets to under-the-sink storage spaces, and everything in between, we offer a wide range of reference samples for you to look at!

Full bathroom renovations

When you wish to have your entire bathroom renovated, you want it to be perfect! Our team at EuroPlus Renovation has got your back! Allow us to project your bathroom goals to perfection, as we realize them using the best of class tools and technologies. With our technical expertise and your dreams, your bathroom is sure to be a unique piece of its own.

Recessed lighting

Although bathrooms were initially meant for basic use only, now they also serve as a place to relax and let go of your day-long exhaustion. Hence, many homeowners appreciate creative décor styles that add to the appeal of their bathroom. Let recessed lighting glow up your spaces where decorations don’t fit and we would love to help you do just that!

In-floor heating

Add comfort to your bathrooms by using our under-floor heating services that warm the tiles of your bathroom and can also be installed in the shower areas all the while being cost-efficient and long-lasting. Allow yourself to enjoy this luxury as it takes the chill off your tiles on a cool day and also adds value to your home!

Completed Bathrooms

Let our vast experience in bathroom remodeling ensure you that it is not as challenging a task for you as it may seem! We have a wide range of samples that you can refer to before finalizing your renovation plans. You choose and we build!


What People
say about us!

These guys did an exceptional job remodeling my master bathroom. They were the most communicative and most professional of all who I got bids from. Igor’s crew was always on time, as well as was providing daily updates at the end of each day. The end result is astonishing!! The bathroom looks so elegant and modern. Thank you so much and will be returning soon for a kitchen remodel!

Christian Harper

Originally reviewed at Angie's List

Frequently asked questions
about complete bathroom remodeling


Yes. For most of us, a bathroom remodel is a significant financial undertaking. Between materials and labor costs, the price of a new bathroom adds up quickly. But, the return on the investment is worth it. Aside from adding joy and comfort to your life, it adds to the value of your home.

In theory, yes. You could absolutely take on a DIY bathroom project if you were up for it.
In reality, however, it’s not as easy as many people think. A botched DIY project can cost you a lot of time and a ton of cash.
Plus, you can do some real damage to your house. If you happen to mess up the tile, for example, you could end up with serious mold growing under your shower walls or floors.
So, our recommendation is to leave the work to a professional. Our contractors will have your bathroom remodeled quick and painless.

Every bathroom is different. The remodel timeline varies from project to project. Larger bathrooms and complex projects take much more time than smaller, simpler projects.
The average bathroom remodel takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This gives us enough time to demo the space, rebuild the walls, and install new appliances.
We always do our best to get work done as quickly as possible. However, certain surprises can lengthen a project. We’ll give you an exact timelane in the proposal and will keep you informed through frequent communication.

All of our projects require a 7-step process:
  1. Initial Consultation: We meet with the homeowner to discuss their needs and brainstorm ideas.
  2. Proposal: We come up with a plan and a generalized budget for the project.
  3. Decision: We come to an agreement with the homeowner and they sign off on the proposal.
  4. Design: We draft up a blueprint and choose materials that suit the customer’s budget. We also come up with a more specific allowance.
  5. Finalize Proposal: The customer approves the design or asks for adjustments. We agree on a set allowance. This won’t change without the customer’s approval.
  6. Schedule Job: We work with the customer to choose a time that works well for both of us.
  7. Remodel: We get to work! From here, we’ll demo, rough-in, and rebuild. This step can involve any number of sub-steps depending on the nature of the project.

Yes, a EuroPlus Renovation consultant will help you to create a unique design and choose everything you need.

No. EuroPlus Renovations is one of the most versatile remodeling contractors in Philadelphia or all of PA. Our team can handle everything from demo and rough-in to tile, painting, and lighting.
Hiring multiple contractors will cost you a lot more money because each company charges an hourly rate. Therefore, you’ll end up spending for several different consultations with different contractors. By hiring EuroPlus as the only contractor, you’ll limit the number of consultations and save yourself a lot of cash in the process.