Classic Design.

Classic Design. From concept to creation.

From concept to creation.

Classical house designs, also known as the neoclassical designs, most commonly boast extravagant footprints, a spacious holding, and grandiose detailed carvings and decoration. These inspired houses refer to the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome with ornaments like egg and dart moldings, sections, pillars, pediments, and golden river pattern marble.

Classical designing includes symmetrical compositions along with well-adjusted geometric lines and shapes, grandeur, laconism and austerity, luxury and serenity, and natural materials elevating the beauty of the house. The furniture is classic yet trendy, has fewer carvings on it and the main shade includes chocolate brown, beige, brown, black, white, silver, and grayest blue shades.

Including a transitional design, the flooring remains neutral with specks of gold or grays smoothening the lookout. Soft and plush light-colored carpets and wood flooring in warmer tones are generally preferred. Berber carpets, fur rugs, sisal rugs, and hides are the most popular choice.

Giving the interiors a look of the classical era means bringing your house a more Rococo, Victorian, European look. Sounds complicated? Not to us, because we bring in the best of our aesthetics to give YOU the best that you deserve.

If you love antiques, historical artifacts or are a fan of the renaissance era, classic design is the one for you. With a pop and blast of deep red with specks of browns and greens, your walls and rooms will complement the whole look with your luxurious furniture.

Modern classic designs are all about revealing glimpses of simplicity while focusing on heavy and luxurious furniture covered in bedazzled extravagant furniture of velvets and silks, pricey Chinese plates, and candle holders, decorative cushions, and book collections.



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