Electrical Installation Services

Our electricians at EuroPlus Renovations are well aware that electrical issues can tend to get very complex and must be entrusted to only the most capable team. Whatever job you need, know that our expert and knowledgeable team take pride in handling any installation at all, and are fully licensed and certified.



Services we provide

We have extensive experience in electrical appliance installation
and boast of ethical, friendly, and skilled electricians that use state-of-the-art tools to provide you with the best possible service. All this is provided at reasonable and competitive prices.

Switches and outlets

For any place to function smoothly, it is essential that switches and outlets function properly at all times. So if you notice anything off, call on our electricians that are known for assisting homeowners with installations, maintenance, and upgrades. Our team lives by the goal of going beyond your expectations when it comes to customer service.

Ceiling fans

If you wish to save on your electricity bills but also cannot live without some form of air conditioning, Ceiling Fans are just for you! You can beat the heat by entrusting our well-trained and certified technicians to install or repair any ceiling fans.

Spotlight Installation

At EuroPlus Renovations, we provide the best spotlight installation services using the best of class tools and equipment. Let our team of skilled professionals walk you through your options of all the available spotlights in the market and have them installed with the utmost care and as per your requirements.


Smooth electrical operations in any residential or commercial property depend on its wiring system. Save yourself some stress by getting in contact with our expert technicians for rewiring, or replacing any faulty wires.

Electrical panels

With advancements in technology, your home will become too powerful for the electrical panel to smoothly run the electricity and therefore it is very important for you to be able to identify a faulty panel and allow our team of qualified electricians to save you from the trouble!

Outdoor and indoor lighting

Allow our skilled technicians to help you install the best available indoor or outdoor light system. Having extensive experience, they know just how to do their magic and brighten up your lives! You can select the best light for your indoors as well as light up your walkway and show off the beauty of your garden at night with just the proper installation of lights.

Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are devices that have been designed to keep you safe and protected from any circuit blowout that can cause fires or even fatal electrical shocks. Let our team ensure you with the proper maintenance of these devices as we have all the expertise and knowledge on installing and upgrading these breakers.