Interior Painting

Allow our experienced team members and skilled painters to provide you with the paint job you have been dreaming of. Using these well-trained painters, top-of-the-tier equipment, and advanced tools and technologies, EuroPlus Renovation takes away the burden off your shoulders as we bring color to your home.



Services we do for interior painting

We offer amazing packages and affordable prices, which include our highly-experienced and well-trained professionals. We use only the best of class brands and are fully licensed to turn your dreams into a reality. Not only this, but we also have many samples of our work should you wish to choose from.

Wallpaper Removal

Although it seems like a job anyone can do, removing wallpaper can damage your walls if not done properly. To save you from this worry, we have professionals on board to do it for you. Our workers use the most advanced tools for this purpose, neatly remove the old paper and repair any surface abrasions.

Drywall Repair

Our expert painters have been trained professionally and hold the reputation of delivering the best customer services. Before you beautify your home with the paint of your choice, allow these skilled craftsmen to repair any drywall. Whether it be hanging new drywall panels or applying the skim coating and anything in between, EuroPlus Renovations is there for you.

Carpentry Services

EuroPlus Renovation is here to take away your worries about hiring a carpenter in addition to a painter. From installing baseboards, crown moldings, and decorative moldings to replacing rotten wood to taking care of wood staining, our expert team has you all covered!

Interior Wall, Trim,
Ceiling, Door painting

If you wish to see your interior walls with a new look, trust our professionals to deliver the highest quality services. From getting your walls painted to your doors repolished to removing your old-fashioned ceilings and getting the more trendy ones, EuroPlus Renovations is your one-stop-shop.

Cabinet Refinishing
and Repainting

If your cabinets have started to wear off and look as old as time, you can have them repainted or refinished instead of having to install a whole new kitchen. Cabinet refinishing stops all kinds of wood decay whereas cabinet painting allows you to choose from a variety of colors. Our team at EuroPlus Renovations knows just how to cater to your demands while also being time-saving and cost-effective.

Which Areas Do You Want to Paint?




Living Room

Dining Room

Home Office


Hallway & Staircase

Kids' Room


Interior Painting Process

Here at EuroPlus, The high-quality standard is a major part of our culture. The common thread throughout all of our projects, whether small or large, is the level of quality and attention to details

Step 1


We want to make sure your furniture is not damaged during painting, so we place everything in the center of the room covered with plastic

Step 2


We will repair all holes, cracks in drywall, as well as cracks around baseboards, doors and windows will be re-caulked if needed

Step 3


We paint walls with two coats of paint using rollers, keeping a wet edge and rolling from ceiling to floor

Step 4

Clean Up

All coverings, masking and other debris will be removed by our crew once the painting process is done. You can be sure no mess will be left afterwards

Step 5


Once all steps of painting are completed, we inspect our work to make sure everything is done perfectly and you will be invited for a detailed walkthrough

Completed Projects

EuroPlus Renovation has been performing interior house painting for many years and has completed hundreds of house painting projects, many just like the one you are contemplating. Click the button below and take a look at the beautiful examples of our interior house painting projects in your neighborhood.


What People
say about us!

I am truly amazed by the whole team of Euro Plus Renovations. Outstanding job! My whole house remodeling was done on time as agreed. In the proposal, it was indicated 90 – 100 business days and they finished it in even less. Impressive! Bathrooms, kitchen, basement, and bedrooms look fantastic! If anyone will ask me for a remodeling company, you will be the only one to recommend.

Michele Smith

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Frequently asked questions
about interior painting


When it comes to renovating and rejuvenating your home, painting is one of the easiest and most cost friendly ways. And as long as it’s done right, painting can make your home look brand new.
So if you’ve always hated the color of your walls or think they’re outdated, that’s a reason to paint them. Or you can paint your interior to match your decoration scheme, to modernize the room or to give it new feeling. Fresh paint promotes feelings of cleanliness, and different colors can make rooms feel bigger and airy or cozy and quaint.

Selecting your paint color is the fun part and the step you get to do whether you hire someone or not. First think about how you want the room to feel. Light colors brighten a poorly-lit room making it feel more open, while dark colors give rooms a more intimate feel. Reds and yellows are warm, while greens and blues are cool. Tans, creams and greys are modern, easy colors.

Two coats are always recommended. In some cases, ultra-deep based colors will require three coats. In rare cases, one coat will suffice.

We only use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams paints. Each makes a low, medium and high-end versions of their paints. We only use the high-end of their product lines to ensure beautiful, long-lasting result.

Great care is taken to make sure your furniture and belongings are protected. We cover all flooring with drop cloths, paper and/or plastic. All furniture and belongings are covered with plastic and/or drop cloths.

Our painting crews protect all your furniture, fixtures, and floor coverings when they prepare the area, however we ask that you clear the room of small items and breakables. We can also move the bigger items for you when we arrive upon request.