Stucco Installation & Remediation

We take pride in all our Stucco projects and are continuously putting effort into adding to the list of these satisfied clients. We strive to provide homeowners with the experience that they are looking for. EuroPlus Renovations boasts of its highly skilled and professional team that is very passionate to make your wishes come true.

Why Stucco is good for your home

If you dive into the benefits of Stucco, you are not going to be able to let
it go for sure. Stucco, although an age-old material, is still quite as applicable and efficient as any modern-day building material.


One of the best things about Stucco is its durability. It is not only fire and impact resistant but also prevents rot, mold, and termite infestation. Durability can also vary according to different weather patterns.


Before investing in anything at all, one does wonder about its pros and cons in the long term. Stucco is an excellent option for homeowners as its finishes are readily available from sources that are sustainable.

Sound resistance

If you are done with your noisy neighbors or are living on a busy street, Stucco is just the thing for you as it buffers the incoming sound in your house and provides you with peace and comfort.

Color retention

Normal paints on housing exteriors require regular repainting. Stucco is also free of this demand. The pigment in Stucco finishes is long-lasting and durable and does not require reapplication every now and then.


You can choose your own Stucco texture so your house has just the look you need! There are a variety of texture and color options available in Stucco finishes.

Types of stucco we work with

We deal with different kinds of Stucco as per the need and demands of our clients

Traditional stucco

Traditional stucco has been in use for several years and contains Portland cement, lime, sand, and water. Two to three coats of a wet mixture of these components are applied to the surface of a building, which later hardens into a solid finish. Traditional stucco is best known for its overall strength as it involves multi-layered coating and resistance to the elements. Furthermore, it is less likely to absorb water and prevent the building from damage. In terms of cost-efficiency, traditional stucco is slightly better than synthetic one.

EIFS (synthetic stucco)

EIFS stucco is a rather newer version of stucco. EIFS is a multilayered finish that combines a layer of insulation and a base coat and is then strengthened with a glass mesh. In the end, a textured finish provides a stucco-like appearance. Owing to its multi-layered composition and insulation, EIFS is more energy efficient. Furthermore, it is more flexible and hence allows homeowners to add designs and decorations to their exterior.



Services we provide

Here at EuroPlus Renovations, we are a team of certified and licensed professionals with the aim of realizing the dreams of homeowners. We take pride in our solid reputation and the struggle that we have put in to build it over the past several years.


We have a reputation for installing beautiful and long-lasting stuccos. We offer a variety of colors and textures of Stucco that homeowners can choose from and give their residences just the look they have been wanting. Stucco installations add to the appeal of smaller areas.

Stucco Repair

Although a lot of people in commercial and residential areas like to have Stucco installations, it has to be repaired after a certain time as it can get damaged and take away from the appeal of your house. But you don’t need to worry because our Stucco installation services are accompanied by equally fine repair services.


Contrary to what it may seem to most DIY enthusiasts, Re-Stucco is a very challenging and tricky task. It does not simply mean reapplying the Stucco over the existing layer, it requires expertise that comes with experience, just what our skilled professionals have to offer. If you want your end results to be neat and perfect, contact us right away!

Stucco Patching

Stucco patching is yet another task that requires expertise. Having several years of experience in the field, we can assure you that you will be catered to with the best service. Our trained personnel always ensures that each patch has been properly lathed and waterproofed before the final coats are applied.

Where stucco can be applied



Block walls

Exterior walls



Completed Projects

We have a huge list of satisfied customers that have made use of our expertise and magic to beautify their homes. We stand behind every single one of our projects and guarantee that our service will be up to the mark!


What People
say about us!

Euro Plus has been fantastic from my first contact with them to the finished product. They renovated our two bathrooms, and they came out beautiful. Dmitriy, our project manager, was great and made the whole process stress free and a pleasure. The whole team was responsive, professional and great to work with. They have my highest recommendation.

Vasiliy Bercev

Originally reviewed at Angie's List

Frequently asked questions
about stucco


Stucco is a great choice for homeowners who want an affordable, durable, attractive exterior for their property. It’s low-maintenance and provides a natural resistance to heat and fire, as well as superior seismic benefits. 

Acrylic stucco, also called synthetic or elastomeric stucco, is made from resins or polymers that resemble paint with sand mixed in. While a bit pricier than traditional stucco, acrylic stucco has a wider range and stronger vibrancy of color and repels water. Also known to bridge hairline cracks because of its’ elastomeric properties. This makes it a great choice for both the appearance and protection of your home. – Sometimes referred to as classic, cement, or hard coat stucco, traditional stucco is composed of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, and is very affordable. It offers a huge range of texture possibilities and can be colored, though lighter shades are recommended.

If you opt to paint your stucco rather than have it colored during the manufacturing & application process, you need to wait at least 28 days for the stucco to cure before painting over it. In addition, it’s important to properly clean and prep the area as well as select the correct paint and materials for the job.

With proper maintenance, stucco can last anywhere from 50 to 80 years, in many cases, a lifetime! Just be sure to repaint and recaulk every seven to 10 years, perform touch-ups, and regularly inspect for hairline cracks.

You sure can! Both acrylic and traditional stucco finishes offer a wide range of color options, though acrylic finishes tend to be more vibrant.

Stucco application requires a temperature of 40° or above. In wintertime, if necessary, we tent with plastic and install propane heaters inside to keep the temperature at an appropriate level for proper curing.