Tile Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Here at EuroPlus Renovations we believe that professionally installed tile is just what you need for an elegant and modern home. Although it seems like a simple part, tile style says a lot about the aesthetic sense of a homeowner. We install tiles with great patience and perfection that live up to the highest European standards in terms of quality and durability. We buy only from trusted providers that hold a solid reputation and guarantee customer satisfaction. All you have to do is to make your choice and leave the rest to us.

Reasons why tiles are the perfect home improvement idea

Tiles installation is honestly the perfect home remodeling idea as they have a lot of benefits. From being durable and environment friendly to being low maintenance, they are the best pick for your flooring!

Use With Radiant
Floor Heating

One of the best advantages of having tiles installed in your home is that they work great with radiant floor heating systems. Not only are they energy-efficient but also provide you a hazard-free life. Using tiles with floor heating systems is very common in cooler regions of the world. Our services can make your winters more comfortable and relaxing!

Better Protection
Of Your Home

Tiles are always waterproof and are mostly unaffected by daily stains. Hence, it is safer to have them installed in both residential and commercial areas. They are easy to clean and maintain and better protection for your home.

Get a
Unique Look

Tiles offer a variety of unique looks in comparison to most flooring options. You can play with colors and textures as you choose the perfect tiles to suit your needs. Tiles can help in giving your home a striking, statement look. Whether it be stone tiles for your shower or ceramics for your kitchen, there is a broad list of options for you. Allow us to help you add your characteristic touch to each room of your house

Reduce the
Need for
Indoor Cooling

During summers, tiles prove to be the best kind of flooring as they easily cool a house by not retaining any heat, unlike heavy carpets that absorb a lot of it. Furthermore, tiles are energy efficient and modern at the same time! They add to the classiness of your home and keeps it cool!



Services we provide

Here at EuroPlus Renovations, we are a team of certified and licensed professionals with the aim of realizing the dreams of homeowners. We take pride in our solid reputation and the struggle that we have put in to build it over the past several years.

Tile Installation

It is very important that you understand the importance of having professionally installed tiles instead of giving it a try yourself if you wish to have a neat and perfect look at the end. We deal with all kinds of tile installations here at EuroPlus Renovation. Pick your choice and let us cater to your needs.


Here at EuroPlus Renovations, we have the best of their time workmen and top-of-the-tier tools to handle any tile issue that you might be facing. It is very important to maintain your tile work or it might get out of your hands and too strenuous to deal with. We provide just the care you need at reasonable prices and with maximum efficiency.


Allow us to work our magic and make your tiles look as new as ever. Don’t worry about loose or cracked tiles as we will take the burden off your shoulder and deliver guaranteed results. We are the one solution to all your tile problems.

Areas we work with tiles



Living room



Types of tile we work with

We deal with different types of tile as per the need and demands of our clients


Porcelain tiles look similar to stone ones but come with far easier maintenance. It is made from clay and feldspar mixture, which adds to its cost but it is still worth it because of their durable nature and more water-resistant tendency. They are used in both wet and dry areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc.


Ceramic tiles are undoubtedly the most popular people’s choice. They are fairly priced and are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are mostly installed in bathrooms. Our team is well equipped and trained to install them for you so just choose your tile and let us know.


Mozaika tiles can be the best choice for commercial areas. Their best feature is that they are stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. We have on board the perfect team to help you install the tiles of your choice.


Glass tiles don’t date back a lot but are a beautiful addition to your home. Although they are not recommended in busy areas, they can still be used as a decorative element on your walls. Glass tiles are mostly seen on bathroom walls as they don’t absorb water at all.


We have been seeing stone its flooring since forever and yet the style continues to live on today. These tiles, although the most expensive available, provide your homes with a modern and luxurious appeal. They are not only stylish but also durable and timeless and come with easy maintenance. tone tiles are often used on shower walls and countertops.

Latest Projects

We take pride in the work we complete and want your dream vision to take shape. Browse through our professional installation portfolio below for inspiration and to see how we can transform your home or business.


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Frequently asked questions
about complete Tile Installation


We recommend hiring a professional tile setter to ensure the best quality installation for your project. You will see the tiles every day, and you want to ensure the installation looks the best it possibly can. As professional tile setters, we also remain current on new trends and products that can be used in a tile installation.

Choosing a tile size depends on several factors – the size of the room, the pattern the tiles will be installed in, any design/pattern on the tile, the shape of the tile and the overall visual effect you want the tile to have. Considering these factors and many others will help you choose the appropriate size of tile for your space.

The cost of the project is based on several factors. Typically, a project estimate is based on blueprints, scaled drawings and field measurements of the project area, the grade of materials selected and the complexity of the project. Final pricing is calculated on actual material, specific details and any “special” requirements or add-on items or services you, the client, requests and as agreed upon between us and you.

Each project is different with respect to size and complexity; therefore a project can take anywhere from a day to several weeks to complete. As such we work continuously without interruptions to meet our deadlines while keeping the disruption of your daily lifestyle to a minimum.

  • Durable: Tile is one of the most durable flooring or wall treatment options out there, thanks to the firing and glazing process that makes it so tough. Porcelain tiles are especially resistant to scratches and high traffic.
  • Stylish: Since tile can take on basically any color, shape, or size, there’s no end to the style possibilities.
  • Easy to clean: Tile doesn’t require any special cleaning products. Simply sweep and mop tile flooring, and scrub tile walls to keep the surface looking great.
  • Low-maintenance: No need to polish or refinish! Your tile will maintain its beauty without a lot of hassle.
  • More affordable than stone: With ceramic and porcelain tile, you can get the look of natural stone without the price or the maintenance requirements.

Difficult installation: Unless you spend a lot of your free time laying tile, you probably won’t have the experience to perfectly tile your floor or wall. Professional installation is recommended.