Urban Style Renovations.

Urban Style Renovations. Building your visions. Creating reality.

Building your visions. Creating reality.

Are you a person who dwells on a sophisticated, elevated yet modern lifestyle? Are you a person who would rather have an airy loft with a rather nice view? Then the Urban design is the perfect style to feed your dwellings- with an urban modern design, ultimate for cosmopolitan living with slight nods to contemporary and industrial effects.

Urban design has always been on trend since the Anglo-American influences, thanks to its liable and enviable emphasis on comfort, modernity, and glamorous city life.

Sumptuously lavish decors with ultimate visionary furnishings, light and airy spaces combined with eco-friendly principles guiding the designing direction, transform elements that once appeared unwelcoming, dull, dark, and unaesthetic to translucent glass kitchen tiles, oak planks in white, and furniture that seems to lighten to space somehow- a savvy route to creating your oasis in the city of same old.

The color palettes usually consist of neutral shades while being dominated by beige and off-whites, however, blacks, whites, and grays are used often too. The furniture is decorated with warm, deep colors to balance the cozy look with the modern look. The colors are allowed to bask in the natural light which is abundant in these urban-modern houses and mostly, intense colors are used to adorn the walls or fabrics.

If you want to give a discreet but meaningful touch to your space without getting too bothered and costly, the solution is letting your ideas channel into our hands because we have the perfect solution for you. Use marble textured wallpapers that are modern yet minimalistic and finish them up with slight gold and rose gold decorative pieces. Try it and you will remember us.

Urban is so into the trend that the style has evolved and so many more ideas are embedded into the pages of the internet that it is hard to choose from. That is where we step in; analyzing the expenditure along with the transformation and furnishing, try and you will love us as much as you love urban designs.



Implement any of your design ideas into life with the remodeler your family can trust. Choose EuroPlus Renovations, we have more than 15 years of experience in transforming houses into dreams!

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